Songs For Six Strings Boxed Set Poll
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Songs For Six Strings Boxed Set Poll
You will all be aware that Ralph has issued a boxed set of six CDs of six live performances, each CD representing one of the six guitar strings. The CDs are numbered ‘E1’ (representing the first, E, string), ‘B2’,'G3', 'D4', A5' and 'E6'.

This page records the nominations for the poll, which ran from 2011 to 2016 - and which of the songs are included on the boxed set CDs.

These songs received more than one vote in the 2001 poll and no live recordings of them have yet been released.

Two Outstanding Suggestions from the 2001 Poll

England ...and another vote this time
Now This Has Started ...also voted for again this time

The Most Popular Suggestion in the Boxed Set Poll

Heron Song - with two votes to add to the two it received in the previous poll.

Robin Hunt
I have just been listening to Cory And Trina's tune The Northern Lights of Labrador and wonder what Ralph could do with this folk song. Sadly Trina Crewe died in 2007. I would like to see that on the next "Songs For Six Strings" release. A bold suggestion, Robin. You'll need to persuade Ralph to sing it in a concert for it to stand any chance of making the cut!

Robin Hunt
I would like to go for the obscure All Things Change from the Spiral Staircase Classics compilation, because it’s a song very much linked to Christmas and has some very precise observations about what old style Old Town Croydon pubs were like at Christmas way back in the day. I like the line “all things change except the fairy on the christmas tree” - so true, looking in the mirror, I can only sadly concur. Failing that, Shed Song: my grandad's shed was just as described, with the exception he had a hidden side exit, so he could clandestinely sneak out, and then down the back alley to the pub! Two great choices, Robin.

Richard Alger
I would like to nominate Heron Song.
I bought the Album "Streets" for my older brother's 21st birthday all those years ago but I always sneaked it into my own collection because I loved that song (and many others) on that album so much. It is still a favourite of mine and I don't think there is a live version anywhere. 'Heron Song' is on the 'McTell on the Mall' DVD, but not (yet) on CD - with two votes in 2001 and two more this time, it's a popular choice.

Jane Cotton
Have only just seen this... hope not too late.
Mrs Adlam’s Angels
Around the Wild Cape Horn - is on the 70th birthday concert DVD
Now This Has Started
In the Dreamtime - is also on the 70th birthday concert DVD
Factory Girl
Old Brown Dog - is on '6th - E'
Red and Gold - is on the original 1996 'Songs for Six Strings' CD

Dominic Swords
I'd suggest First Song - it has many memories for me not least seeing Ralph in concert in a London venue in around 1973/4. I had a seat near the front and it was the first time I could see up close how he played various songs like this one. I went back home that night and tried to replicate it on my bashed-up acoustic. Also, I'd like to add to the list Nettle Wine because well it's just a memory-laden and beautiful song. Two from 'Not Till Tomorrow'... both are on 'Ralph, Albert & Sydney', Dominic.

Dave Hawthorne
I downloaded Ralph singing I Loved the Ground from Amazon... had to search Phil Coulter's listing to find it. Wonder why Ralph has never included it on any of his own CDs? Great track for Songs For Six Strings tho'! Request it, Dave.

Robin Hunt
I rather fancy Heron Song . I heard Ralph perform this for the first time (to me that is) at the Secombe Centre in Sutton, Surrey. He has never come back - I wonder is this a negative event for him? I doubt it, Robin - request it for a concert you'll be going to... Failing that, it is on the 'McTell on the Mall' DVD.

Richard Flower
Here's my selection:
Geordie's on the Road (rarely heard gem from the past)
An Irish Blessing (love to hear an acoustic version - included in Charity compilation some time ago) Update - it's on '4th - D'
Tickety Boo (annoyingly a hidden track on Red Sky album)
The Things You Wish Yourself (acoustic - as per Christmas download from the Half Moon a few years ago) Update - a Cadogan Hall performance is on '6th - E'
England (not currently available live methinks)
Stranger to the Seasons (not currently available on CD, resurrected for the 2012 tour) Update - it's on '3rd - G'

James Cairns
Any chance of Ralph singing this tour Silver Birch and Weeping Willow? 40 years of seeing Ralph live in concert and he's never done this favorite of mine... lovely song full of woodland imagery, a song to be savored sat in an armchair and a glass of red!

Carl and Naomi Squire
We both feel strongly that the spoken introductions to the live songs should be included - they're part of what makes Ralph, live, such a special experience.
Update - three of the recordings on '2nd - B' include snippets of Ralph's patter; and all six on '3rd - G'!

Mike Cohen
My vote would be for Pykey Boy which Ralph sang on the 2011 tour - it was a striking live performance.
The other would be
Conundrum of Time as long as it contained the preamble prose, "Then hours spent high but drowsy..."
Update - both of Mike's suggested songs are on '2nd - B'.

Jenny Melmoth
I would not want to be greedy, so would just confirm Pykey Boy from the autumn 2011 tour... and for the future - if we can persuade Ralph to do it - Birdman.
Update - 'Pykey Boy' is on '2nd - B'; and 'Birdman' is on '3rd - G'

Charlie Goldstein
I wish Ralph would release a guitar instruction video, or at least a montage of guitar playing, from his songs. My ideal would be Ralph playing a couple verses and the chorus of many of his songs, with both hands on camera.
Update - no 'Six Strings' DVD, but see
Kitchen songs!.